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Deep Info Lab provides innovative and customized solutions using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. Our job is to make your job easier.


We are an IT company that uses the uncharted potential of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide smart and customized services to individuals and businesses. We also create products that streamline the digital workspace of professionals.


Our range of products include DraftLab, which smoothens the transition of businesses and professionals from location-based to cloud-based. DraftLab helps lawyers and businesses do contract analysis and drafting using AI to accurately automate tedious tasks on a secure & collaborative cloud-based workspace, streamlining workflow.

Additionally, we have multiple products in the pipeline related to smart work and productivity which will be revealed soon.


Our range of services includes customized smart solutions to client-specific requirements along with seamless deployment into their existing business model, leading to the optimization of their value generation.

Our job is to make your job easier.

We strive to not only work for, but also with our clients.


We believe that in current times, where we operate from does not restrict us from servicing our clients in any way. Being an AI-powered company assisting businesses with digitization, we like to believe that we operate from the cloud. However, we usually log in from Delhi and Pune, Maharashtra, India.

The Cloud

Delhi, IN

Pune, IN

The Founding Team

Rohan Datta

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer


Rohan is an Engineering Graduate from the Army Institute of Technology, Pune in the Computer Sciences. He is currently pursuing an MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management.

Rohan is proficient in using machine learning and deep learning to create value for clients’ and personal projects. Before starting Deep Info Lab, Rohan had been working for various entrepreneurial ventures as a freelancer solving complex business and commercial problems. Deep Info Lab was started as a proprietorship by Rohan in 2020, which grew into RS Deep Info Lab Pvt. Ltd. as we see it today.

Suprateek is a lawyer and a graduate of National Law University, Punjab practicing before the courts in Delhi, India.

Suprateek has experience in corporate law, litigation, policy research, and edu-tech. Before starting RS Deep Info Lab Pvt Ltd, Suprateek had been assisting Deep Info Lab, which was then a sole proprietorship of Rohan, as a consultant. He has also consulted for a food-services venture and a non-profit.

Suprateek brings to the table an understanding of the legal industry which has been instrumental in the ideation of the products.

Suprateek Neogi

Director & Legal Advisor


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